12.5.10 pt 2 Raining Again, Day Whatever



Sky's pissing on us.  Couple of the crew are arguing.

I'm back in my rack. Headphones & "Singapore" on repeat.  Just gonna wait this shit out and let em figure out what's what. 

Can't quite sit still. Might as well pack my gear. I ain't hanging back. 

We're moving in an hour.  

Lexi is staying behind.  I leave her with pack number 6 and a promise. 


Gotta have a chat with the cook and the Turk. 

[my notes got wet  and I'm missing a page]

Trek mostly uneventful. We stopped to stretch our legs for a few, somewhere along the way. I helped pull about 60 feet of grass and vines from our lead cars front axle and gear shaft.  

Around 1500 I noticed more monkeys.  Almost seems like they're followin our caravan. 

Also, the skeeters are getting bigger and meaner.  As the dad of a friend of a friend would say the mosquitos out here are big enough to fuck a turkey standing flat footed and shit in a rural mailbox. 

Took a cue from Henry Rollins and been passing out CDs to kids in small towns along the way.  Should have brought some tapes.  In this one town, and towns a stretch, all the guys 8-18 pretty much run as a gang. A couple of the older ones spoke what could pass as English and took me to their club house type hang out. They have the only CD player for miles and hours. Henry was right.  No feeling quite like watchin eyes light up over some new tunes.  Wish I'd brought more. 

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