12.4.10 Crew Takes a Night Off


Sitting outside of a small bar in ________.  Place is kinda packed. The walls are made o wood, some processed and some just branches.  Lots of palmetto and elephant ear type leaves put up on the roof and hanging over the edges. 

It's raining, not too hard but steady.  Crowd inside is lively, and there's a duo playing some weird type of guitars.  Alot of the "crew" is here, so I rigged together a table and a pair a chairs (an old door on a few stacks of wooden crates) outside on the "patio section" (its a covered hole of dirt.  I dunno...they prolly slaughter pigs or milk goats or somethin out here). A lil bit of water is drippin onto my table , but on the far end. 

Lexi's inside getting us a round.  Me and the bartender...we didn't quite see eye to eye on a couple things I won't get into (short version is he's an asshole). So she figured it best for her to go in. Fine by me. 

I'm on pack 5 and beer 4. I can still hear the noise inside, but it's a little bit quieter out here.  Normally, I'd be in the mix, raising hell.  But this just feels right right now. 

There's a young girl outside, clinging to the wall on the far end of the patio, talkin on a phone.  She's got her shoulders rolled forward and her eyes glued to the ground.  She has a pretty face under the long hair that's covering most it.  I don't know what language, but she's talking real quiet then gets loud then quiet again. Lil fast then slow.  She's def had more than a few drinks. She ain't slurring words, but she's repeating herself, far as I can tell. Been crying too, mascara running down her face. She's wearing a dress that looks like a tent on her. Looks "nice" (not cheap), considering where we are. Hate to sound crude, but it looks like she has healthy...lungs. Hmmm.

Finish my beer and think about that.  Makes sense. Has big...lungs, so she rolls her shoulders and wears clothes that hide the fact. So her self-esteem is prolly less than steller, but...I dunno, it's refined. She prolly comes from a good family. Stateside, the trashy version of her would have them pushed up to her chin in a shirt cut to the belly button. 

She's crying again. Same pace as the rain. 

Guy comes out. Kinda big. 5 o'clock shadow over his whole head. Walks tall and even. He goes over to her and softens his profile a lil bit.  He hugs her and she buries her face into his shoulder.  They stand like that there for about 5 minutes and she finishes her call. Guy pulls out a handful of napkins and wipes the mascara off her face. His hands move like a craftsman and he's careful as a guy doin brain surgery. He asks her something, she nods, then he leads her back inside, real protective. She holds the two small fingers of his left hand and his hand pretty much covers hers. She ain't crying anymore and she has her head up. 

Lexi holds the door for them, then comes over to me with a few beers and a pair o shot glasses.  She's got a big beautiful grin on and asks me what I'm smilin bout.

How do I even answer that? 

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