12.10.10 I'm in it then out


I might be in for a pain in the ass.

My friend (and current boss) "Meg" is en route to the work site. She's not much of a micromanager, but she likes to drop by on occasion.  See, we've worked as partners more than we have boss and employee, so I know how she works.

Now, I know I caused a bit of a ruckus yesterday, but not enough for her to fly out just on account o that. But, I'm sure she'll take the chance to tear me a new one. She loves doin that, and I gave her an open invite.

On the plus side, an I know I'm wishful thinkin, she might bring her assistant Natalie with her.

I love Natalie.

I'd set the whole place on fire if it'd guarantee that she'd come out.

She's almost always in the Paris office though, and you might not believe it, but I don't exactly fit in well in Paris...


Mr. Bum comes up to me, says "Grey, pack your gear. "Meg" called.  Chopper's picking you up in 20."


"I think it's a special assignment."


"Good working with ya. That shit with the squid and ipecac was hilarious.  I'll see ya back stateside."

And he takes off.

I pack my gear, say bye to Manoi and the Turk, an head to the improv helipad as I hear the whirly-bird comin in.

I never really seem to know where I'm goin but I always manage to get there.  And there's prolly a hot shower (I got mud in places I need two or three mirror to see) and definitely one hot woman waiting to see me...though it might be to beat me with a rake.  But I can dig that.

And I'm off, breakin a few international laws in the process.

Wait a second...squid and ipecac?


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