12.9.10 Really?


Spent a few hours this AM gettin patched up, then yelled at by Mr. Bum and Mr. Greasy.  Me an the Turk got put on a pretty...shit asignment for the rest of the day. We look like extras in a horror film.

Good news was the Turk had bout halfa pound of Turkish tobacco, some turkish hashish, and a bunch of rollin papers. Passed the afternoon just fine.

Turk ain't such a bad guy after all.

On break I went to my bunk to lie down for a few and find Lexi's copy of "Tropic of Capricorn" under my pillow. There's some writin on the inside cover, sayin "I'm really sorry Seth, I didn't mean to hurt you."

Hurt me? What? Girl ya really have no idea bout me do ya...

If I was into irony an all that, Id think it funny she left her copy of Henry Miller.  But I ain't so I don't.

-Seth Henry Miller Grey out

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