12.5.10 pt 1 An Omen?



It's not raining this morning but everything is still wet.

Light hangover, but nothing that won't fade in an hour.

Somebody puked in my left boot last night.  I'm sure it wasn't me this time.

We're packing up camp and headin south, south west. 5 hour trek. Greasy is talking to Mr. Bum and one of the PSD guys by the time my footware situation is remedied.  Seems half the crew and some of the tops have reservations bout goin where were supposed to be goin.  Something bout it not being safe. 

I don't see what the big fucking deal is. As hush hush as this whole things been I haven't seen the need for half of it. But ain't my job to ask questions. 

Not yet. 

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