12.6-7.10 Monkey God, Mischief, and Madness pt 1


After chow, Mr. Bum calls an impromptu meeting.  Due to some blah blah blah technical jargon BS blah, we’re gonna be off the clock til noon tomorrow…cept for 4 members of the security team.

Mr. Bum says he’ll leave that to them to figure out.  Mr. Clipboard calls for everyone to circle up.

He asks for volunteers an gets em before the sentence is out.  Hilarious. Suckers.
Guess they all wanna “GET SOME!!”

Fuck all that.  I’m gon have me some fun and cause trouble.



Ya can drink after a monkey.  Just don't drink out of a monkey. Lemme explain...

Remember what I said bout boredom. 
(Word of advice: don't listen to your "friends" when they start makin suggestions about how to spend a night out cuz they wanna hear bout it the next day). 

Mighta been the monkey (named him Carlos and taught him how to smoke cigarettes...I always heard bout it and thought it'd be fun. By 2200, he learned rudimentary poker…and how to cheat.) But, wait, yeah mighta been the monkey, but my mystery fun bottle o pills went missing.  I'm gonna flay someone. Anyone. I'll have it figured out by mornin. Carlos is off the radar. Suspect #1.

But I keep backups for emergencies like this. 

So I'm takin inventory (and doin inventory) when Manoi, one of the crew engineers, comes in w a black bottle that looks like a relic outta an Indiana Jones movie. Like a tribal statue of a Monkey God made of black wood. He said he read somewhere that he heard it had hallucinigenic properties.

Myth: Confirmed.

Me and Manoi ended up walkin round the jungle for an hour or so, talkin to jungle spirits.  Manoi puked for better part of an hour, and I don’t blame him.  The Monkey God tastes a lot like fermented mule piss (don’t ask).  

I had a conversation w Minos the Gatekeeper...I'll have to tell ya bout him sometime.  

Manoi didn't last long after that tho. Think I scared him a bit, playin w the machete. But then he laughed himself stupid and passed out from lack a oxygen in a mound o wet grass. Carlos went through his pockets.  I don't think he learnt that from me. I r'member thinking, if he starts undressin him, I'm havin myself committed.  Again.

Carlos runs off before I remember I’m s’posed to kill him.

I guess I didn't last long either...last thing I remember was wanting to take a swim.  Wasn't out too long. Couldn't a been. But, like so many times, I wake up nekkid and wonderin where I am.  

Getting down outta the tree was interestin.  

Ditto finding my pants, boots, and hat.  Still had my belt on tho.  Funny that. 

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