12.8.10 Some Loose Ends



Long day. Really long day. 12 hour shift on 3 hours sleep. Had one break, which I didn't get cuz I had to take care of somethin. 

Heard some story bout a "White Ghost" running mad through the jungle last night.  For once, Im thankful for the hangover (fuckin legendary) cuz it keeps me from laughin. Can't remember what was real or imagined. 

Manoi passes me a couple times and looks at me like ya'd look at someone ya slept with and regretted it. Maybe he thinks I'm the monkey.

Carlos...had to go on a lil journey. I took him for a lil walk today durin our break an uh, tested the 74u. To be honest, I couldn't look at him, so I might not a hit him. Felt like a scene from Predator. Don't think he'll be making another appearance either way.

I had only one pack of cigarettes left when I woke today and the happy fun bottle is still MIA. 

Got back to the worksite after the stroll and had a brief encounter with the sleepin beauty security guard. He came up mean but before he could get a word out I tossed the empty 74 mag at him.  He caught it, looked down at it, and I tapped him on the forehead. 

Told him, coulda been a hammer. 

He decided that he ain't really have nothin to say.

Didn't even break my stride. 

Missin Lexi.  Hope she's alright. We should be headen back north in a day or two.  


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